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Two Games In Succession

Birthday parties start with the games. There are two games that are played in succession. There is a small break between the games, so any changes in teams can be made between games. The players should keep their vests on between the games.


Party Room

Once the games are finished the participants return the vests and move to party room for the food and beverages. The scorecards for both games will be given after the two games


Arrive 10-15 minutes early

We recommend that you ask the visitor to arrive some 10-15 minutes before the start of the game so there is enough time to change clothes (if necessary), wash hands and visit the bathroom. The briefing starts at the time of the reservation.

Book your birthday party easily online. Just select the date, time, number of attendees and the catering of your choice.

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Birthday Parties in Detail

Birthday parties contain two games, the party room after the games and the catering of your choice. You can bring your own food/beverage in case of specific diets/allergies. If you do not purchase any catering from us, you need to make sure that the party room is cleaned afterwards (you can add a cleaning service from us for a fee)

An example schedule for a party (booked for 16:00 – 17:45):

15:45 The guests arrive. Change of clothes (if necessary), a visit to the bathrooms etc.

16:00 the games begin. Between the games there is a brief pause to check scores and make changes to the teams. Note: there’s no time to go to the bathroom at this point.

16:45 you can start preparing the party room 

17:00 The games have ended and the vests have been returned. The guests enter the party room and get the scorecards for both games.

17:40 the party room needs to be empty for the next group’s preparations.

Please note that we do not have storage facilities for customers’ food&beverage. If you’d like to have the game arena booked only for your group, please choose the Private birthday party.

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