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3h Xmas VIP Event

In a Xmas VIP Event the entire Laserareena is exclusively booked for you. This includes the use of the game arena, lobby area and the party rooms. The entire facility is reserved for you.

You can order food&beverage from us (snacks, pizzas, non-alcoholic drinks, etc.) or bring your own consumables. 

The recommended maximum number of participants in a VIP Event is 50 people.

Games and afterparty

2 Game Xmas Party

2 game xmas party includes 2 private games and a meeting room for after-game relaxation and score comparison. Recommended maximum number of participants is 18.

Fast, furious and fun

Private Xmas Session

Private sessions are fantastic for larger groups, or anyone who wants to have a bit of privacy. Recommended maximum number of participants is 24.

Note: only the game arena is reserved for you. In the lobby and other rooms can be other people.

You can purchase additional food and beverage on site, but if you require anything specific, please be in touch with us beforehand. We do not have a liquor license, so if you need any other drinks than soft drinks or water, you need to bring them with you. 

For larger events or custom requests please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.

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